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Realty & Community Regional Cross-Marketing Program™

Innovative Marketing!

EFFECTIVE - Immediate Benefits

1 IMMEDIATELY BENEFIT as soon as you join with Member-2-Member Premium Coupons & Offers!
2 GET IMMEDIATE NETWORKING with other Business & Real Estate Members when your microsite is linked directly with theirs!
3 EFFECTIVELY MARKET yourself, your property, or business by joining ONE CENTRAL & SEARCHABLE MULTI-TOPIC marketing site!
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EFFECTIVE - Immediate Benefits: You don't have to wait for the benefits to begin! With IMMEDIATE ACCESS to Member-To-Member Premium Coupons & Offers from participating members, you can start saving money right away. You can SAVE TIME as soon as you join! Load up your microsite presentation and once activated, it is automatically networked with OTHER MICROSITES in YOUR REGIONAL AREA. Be IMMEDIATELY ADDED to our highly SEARCHABLE CROSS-MARKETING SITE where public viewers who are looking SPECIFICALLY for someone like you...with your qualifications...in your regional area...can FIND YOU on quickly returned Regional Results! With 24/7 access to our QR Code Generator, you can create new Scan-2-Mobile codes to display on business cards, flyers, cars, & more! Link them with your public coupons & offers, or event information. You can even save your automatically system generated QR code as a file, and have it printed up for you to distribute anywhere you like! When scanned your entire interactive microsite is viewable to the mobile user right on their phone or device! Automatic mapping lets viewers know where you or your additional locations are! Product & Service offerings allow you to feature your own offerings on your own microsite immediately...at no additional cost. No waiting...No fuss! You essentially have an entire marketing system generated FOR YOU as soon as you finish entering your information into the easy to use forms we provide. WE do all the rest...and you start benefiting the moment you elect to go online with activation! Join Today and have your own Cross-Marketing up and running in hours! It sure beats weeks and months of building your own lonely website...and you can benefit from incredible expanding content by synergistically participating in this program with other members in your Regional Community.

The Realty & Community Regional Cross-Marketing Program is currently serving locations throughout the U.S. & Canada. Information displayed on this site is deemed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. Viewers are encouraged to contact the member/author direct to receive updates and verify accuracy of any/all information displayed on R&C Microsite(s). All lawful compensation arrangements should be privately verified in writing between the affected parties. See Site Rules for details.

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