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Realty & Community Regional Cross-Marketing Program™

Innovative Marketing!

Promote Your Existing Website!*

1 YOU ARE PROUD OF YOUR WEBSITE! And you should be! Time, money, & hard work made it!
2 WE CAN HELP YOU PROMOTE IT! Take advantage of all the content, SEO, and viewers we are attracting to this Cross-Marketing Site!
3 A LARGE IMAGE of YOUR WEBSITE with 'Go Live To This Site' links interested viewers DIRECT to YOUR SITE!
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Promote Your Existing Website: YOU HAVE WORKED HARD to create YOUR OWN WEBSITE and you should be PROUD! We understand and applaud the hard work that goes into creating any quality website! That is WHY we have INCLUDED a 'GO LIVE TO THIS SITE' feature for serious online marketers! A LARGE SCREENSHOT IMAGE of the HOMEPAGE (or other preferred page from your site) is prominently displayed right next to the automatic location mapping feature accessed by almost every viewer of our interactive microsites. This is a DESCRIPTIVE image, showing viewers what you have created, and allowing your art and presentation to draw them DIRECTLY INTO YOUR SITE! With 'Go Live To This Site' inviting a 'click'....interested viewers are SENT DIRECTLY TO YOU! Membership in our Cross-Marketing Program may be the most affordable SEO you pay for ... and very effective! JOIN US TODAY! It will never be more affordable than BETA PRICING FOR LIFE!*

The Realty & Community Regional Cross-Marketing Program is currently serving locations throughout the U.S. & Canada. Information displayed on this site is deemed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. Viewers are encouraged to contact the member/author direct to receive updates and verify accuracy of any/all information displayed on R&C Microsite(s). All lawful compensation arrangements should be privately verified in writing between the affected parties. See Site Rules for details.

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