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Realty & Community Regional Cross-Marketing Program™

Innovative Marketing!

Promotes Regional Commerce

1 FIND Shopping, Dining, Staying, Activities & Destinations for a City, State in one online location!
2 SEARCHABLE LOCAL EVENT information brings more people out to community & business events, festivals, fairs, open houses & more!
3 TOPIC SPECIFIC SEARCH links help viewers find out WHERE TO GO & WHO TO CALL and are specific to each type of commerce.
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Promotes Regional Commerce: IMAGINE how many places you might go and ACTIVITIES you would attend if you only knew they were happening! On the Realty & Community's Searchable Cross-Marketing site, you can find just about anything you need to make a PLAN. Find something to attend by doing a LOCAL EVENT SEARCH...it is scheduled on a particular day and time...then prepare what RESTAURANT TO EAT at...what SHOPS are NEARBY where you can browse before or after...and if you need a PLACE TO STAY just peruse the local 'Where To Stay' home page and see what's nearby! Maybe you have time to LOOK AT SOME REAL ESTATE while you are out! Just click the Real Estate tab and LOCATE AN AGENT or do a preview search from our Regional Property Search right from the Real Estate home page. It is FUN TO IMAGE how you can PLAN all of that FROM ONE ONLINE LOCATION...and get all your MAPS, INFO, DETAIL, COUPON, OFFER & MORE to use when you go out. Now, with the time and money you saved making your plan, you'll be in a great mood to GO OUT & HAVE FUN, and spend some of your time & money in YOUR OWN LOCAL ECONOMY! Don't forget to check every business microsite for PUBLIC COUPONS & OFFERS, and if you are a member of our program, you have PREMIUM MEMBER-TO-MEMBER OFFERS available to you via your Member Control Panel. Business Member to Business Member Commerce can really BOOST REGIONAL COMMERCE too! HAVE FUN SHOPPING, DINING, STAYING, & DOING!

The Realty & Community Regional Cross-Marketing Program is currently serving locations throughout the U.S. & Canada. Information displayed on this site is deemed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. Viewers are encouraged to contact the member/author direct to receive updates and verify accuracy of any/all information displayed on R&C Microsite(s). All lawful compensation arrangements should be privately verified in writing between the affected parties. See Site Rules for details.

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