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Realty & Community Regional Cross-Marketing Program™

Innovative Marketing!

Save Money - Use Member Offers

1 EXCLUSIVE TO MEMBERS: Premium Member-to-Member Coupons & Offers!
2 SAVE MONEY & TIME when you find Premium Member offers when logged in AS A Realty & Community Cross-Marketing MEMBER!
3 MEMBER-TO-MEMBER offers are accessible NATIONWIDE to ALL CURRENT MEMBERS from ANY participating regional location!
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Save Money - Use Member Offers: When you FIND & REDEEM Premium Member-To-Member offers EVERYONE WINS! You SAVE MONEY! Your fellow business member GETS YOUR BUSINESS...and YOU GET HIS BUSINESS...and YOUR COMMUNITY ECONOMY gets a LIFT! Keep the money flowing, and the networking growing BETWEEN BUSINESS OWNER MEMBERS & Marketers! B2B / Owner to Owner / Member-To-Member...its all part of the plan to INCREASE YOUR MARKET SHARE and BOOST your LOCAL ECONOMY! You could possibly pay for the price of your membership with the savings you receive from the offers provided! That could mean practically FREE Cross-Marketing...and maybe even MORE! It's never been easier to support local business! And don't forget...if you travel away from your Regional Area, you can still take advantage of Member-To-Member offers in ANY U.S. or Canadian location where participating Realty & Community Cross-Marketing Members are found! Join Us Today and help increase everyone's market share *Participation in the Premium Member-To-Member Coupon & Offer Program is totally optional, and subject to the rules & conditions you place on your voluntary offers that you create from your Member Control Panel.

The Realty & Community Regional Cross-Marketing Program is currently serving locations throughout the U.S. & Canada. Information displayed on this site is deemed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. Viewers are encouraged to contact the member/author direct to receive updates and verify accuracy of any/all information displayed on R&C Microsite(s). All lawful compensation arrangements should be privately verified in writing between the affected parties. See Site Rules for details.

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